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Renovation & Restoration

We provide affordable renovation and restoration services in Lower Mainland. Our designers first inspect and evaluate the entire lining area of your house. Then they will communicate the plans for renovation of your house or restoration of old houses.

Why Renovation?

Increase the cosiness

Maintaining the cosiness becomes our priority when we renovate a home. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.

Fix your safety issues

Some homes need our immediate attention. Electrical issues, roof leakage are such issues that just cannot be ignored.

Increase living area

Most of the congested cities in Canada have seen the shrinking of space per person. In order to get more living space, you must plan right. Our renovation team is doing great work in providing time-tested renovation plans.

Change the style

Changes related to the base structure of your home might not be a good idea, but smaller cosmetic changes might be one of the key ingredients in terms of changing the style of your home. Our renovation team first inspects the area. Then provides services related to the painting, wallpaper, window style, flooring and more.

Lower your energy cost

Older houses are much less energy efficient and less comfortable. Little changes to your home could increase the energy efficiency of your house. As we value sustainable projects, our prime focus is always on energy efficient housing. While renovation, we always keep that in mind.

Increase property value

Renovation improves the return on investment (ROI) of a property. Renovating the kitchen, bathroom, living-space, furniture increases the property value.

Types of Renovation and Restoration services we provide