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General Contractor

We never let our construction sites go out of sight. We visit our construction sites on a regular basis. Our general contractors oversee the construction project and make necessary changes. We also extend our general contractor services to newcomers in the construction industry.

What is the role of a general contractor?


Our general contractors are responsible for overseeing the tasks related to a certain project. He brings all the stakeholders, traders, and vendors under one umbrella for the completion of the project within the deadline without compromising with the quality.


We are trying to convey the importance of an experienced general contractor through a simple example. Suppose TRADER 1 is selling a very high quality building material for $800. And TRADER 2 is selling the same material for $500, but of a moderate quality. An inexperienced contractor would probably go for TRADER 2. But our experienced general contractors would get that item from TRADER 1 at a discounted rate with his negotiation skills. That would result in the affordable housing with quality material.

Licensing and Insurance

We hire licensed general contractors for hustle-free execution of our projects. Also, with liability insurance, our customers will not be responsible for any accidents in the construction sites.

Health and safety

The general contractor provides safety awareness to the workers. They are also capable enough to formulate risk management strategies.